Shy Glizzy performing at the Moon nightclub

Shy Glizzy's Young Jefe 2 album cover | Photo credit: The Source 

Marquie Amonte King, better known as Hip-Hop artist “Shy Glizzy” is scheduled to perform on Saturday, Nov. 4 at the Moon nightclub in Tallahassee.

The performance serves as the official after party for the Florida A&M University (FAMU) football game against Howard.

DJ Demp and Wolfpack entertainment group are the key orchestrators getting Glizzy to perform, and allowed the DC Metro club to host the event in honor of DC metro week.

Pashhur said “Shy Glizzy represents D.C. culture in every way possible. The slang, the music the mumbo sauce, we feel like this will be the corner stone that solidifies what D.C. represents.” He continued “FAMU is so much about the south, this will be the most exposure D.C. has ever had.”

DJ Demp is a longtime friend of Shy Glizzy and has had his sights on him coming to Tallahassee for a while.

“I had been trying to get him out here for a while now. The whole idea was because Shy Glizzy is from D.C. and Howard will be playing FAMU. It was perfect timing, it’s something I felt should be done, so we made it happen,” DJ Demp said.

He is known for his 2014 single “Awwsome,” which peaked at No. 45 on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart. He is also known for his verse on GoldLink’s platinum single “Crew.”

DJ Demp stated “I have never seen a crowd go that hype off of one verse!”  “Shy Glizzy has a great performance style and his fans are going to love it.”

Glizzy grew up in Southeast D.C, a community considered rough around the edges, and his sound is a reflection of his experiences and environment.  

Pashhur stated, the song that reflects D.C the most according to Pashhur is Glizzy’s version of “cut it” Pashhur said, “People started counting him out, “cut it was a career saver, it shows how D.C. comes together when it matters most”. Pashhur and other club members have a lot of pride in their community Pashhur continued “Shy Glizzy is just one of us on a bigger platform”.

The “Awwsome” artist gave details about his new music to XXL Magazine on Sept. 29 of this year and said that he speaks reality of his lifestyle in his music.

Glizzy told XXL Magazine in an interview on September 29 "A lot of artists don't go through the situations I go through or have to face the challenges I have to on a daily basis. Most of them say things that they think are cool or that people wants to hear versus someone who really lives that life and in this rap for the better,”.

“Something about the way he makes his music vibe with the beat makes his music sound so clear, my all-time favorite song from him is Awwsome” stated Trey Humphries a second-year Public relations student.

After Shy Glizzy’s close friend 30 Glizzy was killed, Shy released single “Take Me Away,” expressing the unfortunate and unpredictable fatalities of the street life. He uses music to release his emotions into something positive and raw, whether good or bad it’s his truth.

This will be Shy Glizzy’s first time to Tallahassee. For ticket information visit