Scratch House: Where all your dreams come true

A classic painting of the late Jimi Hendrix. 
Photo credit: Akilah Smith


While everyone is putting on their scariest outfits, and walking door-to-door getting candy the JEM Hospitality management company is opening their new nightclub Scratch House on Tuesday, Oct. 31.

The Scratch House building is surrounded with different artwork that has graffiti style paintings with bright colors. The decor inside has additional artwork with neon lights, bar tops with all-white marble, and a theme of ‘good vibes only.’

Scratch House was inspired by Wynwood, located in Miami, which has pastel colors of different sketch portraits that surround the entire building. 

V.I.P. Marketing Manager of Scratch House Stephen Corona said, “I want it to be the place that people want to go, but they can’t.” 

In order to enter the nightclub female guest, have an 18-age requirement, while males have a 21-age requirement. Even though it is in a college area, Scratch House requires attendees to be dressed business casual. 

Scratch House is located at 809 Railroad Avenue, which is in proximity of both Florida A&M University’s and Florida State University’s (FSU) main campuses. 

The nightclub is expected to hold the capacity of 350 people, and the operating hours are 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. on the weekends. 

Presenting the logo for the new nightclub Scratch House
​Photo credit: Akilah Smith

Brandon Oliu is a history student at FSU who said Scratch House’s outside appearance is preparing him for what is it expected inside the nightclub. 

“I am from the Miami area, so seeing the outside of the building makes me super excited for what to expect in the inside. It makes me feel festive and ready to party,” Ouli said.

Along with Scratch House, JEM Hospitality management is also building a lounge called GVO. GVO will have an environment where you can lounge while drinking a glass of wine. Both Scratch House and GVO will be two additions to the Tallahassee area for college students. 

Jacoria Fillyau is a Tallahassee resident who said Halloween at Scratch House will be very festive and is looking forward to the grand opening. 

“Scratch House sounds like a dope place to be on Halloween. I cannot wait for the grand opening, and the artwork is amazing. In my spare time, I love to draw, so the artwork gives me a different feeling when I see it,” Fillyau said.