Edington, a dean, promoted to new VP post

FAMU Vice President Maurice Edington


Florida A&M University opened its doors on Monday to newly appointed Vice President Maurice Edington. Interim President Larry Robinson created the new office and vice presidency to help oversee the university’s management of critical academic and business operations.

Edington had been serving as dean of the College of Science and Technology.

The news of Edington’s promotion came in a release on Feb. 17.

As an accomplished chemist, Edington obtained a doctorate degree in chemistry at the University of California-Berkeley, which is regarded as the No. 1 public university for academics. On June 1, 2013, Edington was appointed dean of the College of Science and Technology at FAMU, when Robinson was the University’s provost. During his tenure as provost, Robinson separated the College of Arts and Sciences into two different colleges. Now FAMU has the College of Social Sciences, Arts and the Humanities, headquartered in Tucker Hall, and the College of Science and Technology in The Commons.

Edington has been highly involved in the University’s strategic planning. He served as the point person for FAMU’s accreditation with the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, when the University was placed on probation in the aftermath of the hazing death of Robert Champion. Edington was the person who led the charge to successfully correct deficiencies cited by SACS.

Robinson explained how the new position would help increase FAMU’s performance in critical areas.

“The establishment of this position highlights the importance of effectively implementing FAMU’s existing and proposed priorities and excelling in the performance funding metrics established by the Florida Board of Governors,” Robinson said in the release.

The office will collaborate with senior leadership to monitor and improve the progress on key performance indicators relating to academic, fiscal and operational goals.

Edington believes he can help the University improve its graduation rates and other key metrics critical to performance-based funding.

“I’m very excited about this opportunity,” said Edington. “This position aligns well with the experiences and skills I’ve gained in various administrative roles. I’m grateful to Dr. Robinson for giving me the opportunity to assist in charting FAMU’s path forward.”

Robinson plans to start advancing FAMU by establishing several objectives for the office that will help lead FAMU’s quest for excellence, including: Enhancing campus-wide customer service, strengthening the FAMU Board of Trustees’ communication with Florida Board of Governors and accredited agencies and organizations.

In his new role Edington will also monitor the University’s progress on strategic planning and key performance goals and improve data collection in decision-making throughout the university.

Meanwhile, Edington will provide oversight for university assessment, accreditation, academics, institutional research and reporting and strategic planning functions.

Interim Provost Rodner Wright appointed Sonya Stephens as the interim dean of the College of Science and Technology.