Cram Jam relieves student-stress during finals week

As the fall semester winds down and final exam week arrives, studies show college students across the nation begin to experience a higher level of stress. According to a study done by the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA), nearly 80 percent of college students experience high levels of stress in their daily lives, especially during final exam week.

Luckily, the students of Florida A&M University have a chance to relieve that stress through a night full of music and entertainment.

“Cram Jam” is an event presented by The Campus Activities Board for the past 10 years.

“The purpose of Cram Jam is for the student body to have a stress reliever and allow them to take a brief break from the books and the hard work they put in for the past 14 weeks,” said fourth-year business administration student Jamieson Walker.

Students, like second-year FAMU biology pre-medicine student Magdalena Delacruz, spend an ample amount of time studying which she said can cause stress.

“As a biology pre-med student, I have a lot to study in such a small amount of time, so I'm always studying. I hope to go to medical school which can be very stressful to think about,” Delacruz said. “I cope with it by sleeping, watching Grey's Anatomy and praying.”

Second-year FAMU biology pre-medicine student Alanya Kelly said it’s important for students to take care of themselves both mentally and emotionally prior to finals week. Cram Jam is an opportunity to help students gain a healthy balance of work and play.

“It’s good to have things to help clear your mind for a bit and relieve some of the pressure,” Kelly said.

Licensed mental health counselor and FAMU assistant professor Hassiem Kambui, Ph.D., explained the importance putting the mind over the matter.

“You must change your thinking to then change the behavior,” Kambui said.

He also emphasized the key to coping with stress is bringing awareness to it, and being cognitive enough to raise questions. Although stress is a state of mental or emotional strain resulting from very demanding circumstances, it can be solved if managed properly.

“Cramming works for some, but not for everybody … Being aware that you have stress and how you tolerate it is important,” Kambui said.

The amount of time a student invests in their studies, should be balanced with self-care and proper treatment. Health is very important, and each individual should invest into doing what is best for themselves in preparation for finals week.