Trump’s Tallahassee visit brings out supporters and protestors

Trump addressing the crowd
Photo Credit: Sharon Washington

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump visited Tallahassee Tuesday evening where he met a crowd of reportedly more than 15,000 people. Tallahassee was the last Florida stop Trump planned to make before the Nov. 8 election.

Although Leon County is traditionally known to vote Democrat, Trump's visit is considered crucial to Florida — which has in the past been a Republican state.Other Florida stops included Doral and Sanford throughout the week.

High energy filled the crowd of thousands of Trump supporters as they waited for his arrival at the Tallahassee Automobile Museum. 

"We're going to bring back common sense to the White House," he told the crowd where many travelled as far as two hours away. "Seventy-five percent of the people believe America is on the wrong track."

Trump says a few of the things that would get the country on the "right track" is immigration reform and replacing Obamacare."

"(We need) a great health system of the United States and a system you can afford," he added.

Some people, like 19-year-old Tallahassee native Alexandria Rodgers, came to see Trump’s speech with unbiased intentions. She wondered if Trump is really the man that she sees on TV everyday.

“I’m here out of curiosity to make sure I’m not being misled by the media,” Rodgers said.

Vita Epstein, 18, from Orange county, Fla. said it was important to see both sides of the presidential election.

“I am pretty sure that I am voting for Hillary, but I feel like it’s necessary to look at both sides and go to rallies to know what is actually being said from the candidates,” Epstein said.

Rodger’s lasting impression of the rally was said to be uncomfortable.

“I am kind of disturbed by the mob mentality. It’s been a lot of putting down Hillary, more so than actually talking about Trump,” Rodgers added.

Although there were many curious attendees, there were “diehard” supporters of all ages. Many agree on Trump’s stance when he ridiculed Washington for not serving its purpose.

“I like that he supports capitalists like me. I work in a warehouse and he is lowering taxes for warehousing companies like that, so that makes me ultimately get paid more. I also have my own independent business, so by lowering taxes, he is allowing me to make more money,” said 21-year-old Trump apparel vendor LaShawn Nelson.

Outside the Trump rally, a crowd of hundreds of protesters gathered with megaphones and picket signs. The enraged crowd repeated chants saying “nasty women vote” and “dump trump.”

Photo Credit: Sharon Washington

Tallahassee native E.J. Mcbride, 25, made it clear why he doesn't support Trump. 

“I do not like Trump because I do not support bigotry. He also does not stand for Black people and he openly voices that. Also I love women, and he blatantly gets on TV and disrespects women. How can I stand for that when I have a mother and majority of my family members are female?” McBride asked.