Florida A&M Presents J-School Journals

Students who are partcipating in this Years J-school Journals

The Florida A&M University School of Journalism and Graphic Communications will present “J-School Journals” Saturday, at 5 p.m.

J-School Journals is an event held each year in the Lee Hall Auditorium to display works created by some of the finest producers in J-School.

These producers are enrolled in Specialized Reporting, a high-level class taught by Professor Kenneth Jones.

In Specialized Reporting, also known as Documentary, students are required to pitch two narrative feature topics at the beginning of the semester.

These topics are chosen based off of each student’s personal interests, and are then presented to the class as well as Professor Jones.

Jones then goes forth to select from the presentations, and places the class in groups of two to create a 15-minute narrative feature. Jones explains this selection process.

“I selected the features by looking at the topics themselves and the unique angle they’d have in telling a story,” Jones said.

This years event will showcase the films “The Dark Side”, “A Tale of Black Cosplay”, “The Black Veil”, “Pulpits to Politics”, and “Dream Again”.

“Pulpits to Politics” produced by Mark McGaugh and edited by Shelinka Cunningham digs deep into the black church and the role it plays in being a voice for the black community in the past and present.

“Dream Again” a feature created in 2009 will be exhibited at the event as well. The film received a Florida Associated Press award for “Best long light feature” in 2010. It was produced by J-School graduates Brent Hatchett and Tsopie Torte.

The audience at the event will be shown each of the 15-minute presentations, and then offered the opportunity to voice their comments.

Graduating senior, Shelinka Cunningham expressed her excitement for the event, looking for good feedback and hoping for a packed house in Lee Hall.

“Working on this feature was one of the most impactful experiences that I’ve had in J School because I really was able to focus on an important topic that often goes unnoticed. At J school Journals all I really expect is for the audience to listen and watch. Of course I want everyone to enjoy it, but I really just hope that our feature can really open the minds of the people in our community so that they can learn something that they didn’t know before watching “Cunningham said. 

Senior Broadcast Journalism student, Vince Ross shares this anticipation and looks to these projects as inspiration for his very own piece.

“It’s definitely motivational in every way. I’m just anxious to see how these great ideas have materialized. I know the producers have done great jobs, said Ross.

The event will be free for students as well as visiting members of the community.

For more information contact Juliannah Muyiwa at JuliannahMuyiwa@gmail.com or Kimberly Reveil at KimberlyReveil1@gmail.com .