Hollywood Spotlight Makes a Comeback

Florida A&M University’s School of Journalism and Graphic Communication hosted Hollywood Spotlight Wednesday afternoon in FAMU’s Grand Ballroom. 

All of FAMU schools and colleges were invited to come together for a three-part presentation, in which speakers gave advice and tips on how to secure an internship or job in the entertainment industry.

Stacy Milner, founder of Executive Temps, gave students a small version of her four-hour workshop, on how to get into the entertainment circle.

Milner surveyed the room and saw that students were doing internships, but not internbships that are relevant to their career. Milner shared with students that at the beginning of her career, she felt she was above her position but knew staying there will lead her to better opportunities.

“What you do now, you will not always do. The he who desires to be raised among you, let them serve,” Milner said.

Milner gave attendees four tips: never be afraid to serve, do research on key players in the industry, do the tasks that others don’t want to do and network.

Following the presentation, she brought up a panel of industry representatives: Walt Disney Company’s Irshaun Pinckney , NBC Golf Channel’s Leticia Moye-Moore, Nancy Robinson from The Television Academy of Arts and Sciences and Paolo Suaya from DreamWorks Animation.

The panelists gave insight on how they started in the business and how they moved up to their current positions.

Fourth-year FAMU broadcast journalism student Shelinka Cunningham said the most valuable thing she gained was to be relaxed in her interviews.

“She told us at your interviews, you really need to be relaxed, Cunningham said. “They are already impressed by what they see on your resume, so you don’t have to be as nervous (and) you don’t have to talk as much (or) sound as rehearsed. You can have a conversation. “

Other students, like fourth-year theater student Simon Curry said the most important thing she took from the event was taking initiative.

“I learned how important it is to take initiative in the workforce,” Curry said.

Fourth-year FAMU public relations student Ferrisa Connell said she enjoyed the event and it helped African-American students connect with the industry.

“This is not the first time J-school did something like this,” Connell. “During my freshmen (or) sophomore year I met Mrs. Stacy Milner. She is such an amazing person and helpful and passionate about connecting students, especially students of color,” Connell said.