FAMU SJGC student chosen for art showcase

Florida A&M University’s School of Journalism and Graphic Communication student Ahmad Rivera, was announced as one of the artist in the Council Of Culture & Arts showcase this Spring.

Rivera, also known as Rivi, is a fourth-year graphic design student from  Bronx, New York.

Friday, Rivera was appointed to the Cultural Arts program to show off his new body of work titled  “Ode to Basquiat.”

“When I was 5, I drew what appeared to be a just a stick figure drawing,” Rivera said. “What was small to me then, was even bigger to my father. He inspired me because everyday he kept that same drawing on the fridge.”

From social media sites such as: Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, Rivera has stopped at nothing to market his brand.

Shelinka Cunningham, a fourth-year broadcast journalism, from Niagara Falls, N.Y., has became huge supporter of Rivera’s art pieces.

“I was just browsing around on social media when I came across one of his bodies of work,” said Cunningham. “I admired the painting about the black woman with big lips, nose, and a even bigger afro. It really focused on the features that most are scared to even talk about, that is what makes him unique.”

Chacoryia Burns, a fourth-year broadcast journalism student from Orlando,  had the pleasure with working Rivera, where he designed her Logos and layouts for Resumes. She said that his spot in the showcase justifies his work ethic.

 “Rivera is a nice and  humble person; what you see is what you get,” burns said. “He is constantly working and deserves this spot in the showcase.”

The showcase will be presented at Railroad Square off of Gaines Street, March 12.