Community center celebrates Black History

Courtesy of Taylor Watson

The Lawrence-Gregory Community Center hosted its annual Black History program on Saturday from 2-5 p.m., which celebrated black success and appreciation within the community.

More than 50 people attended the event, according to supervisor of the center Gregory Grady. He explained why the event was an inspiration to others.

“Basically we just want to embrace our own history. To build any kind of future, you’ve got to feel that what you’re about and where you came from is important,” Grady said.

This event was designed to stimulate and educate others about success with the hopes of creating enthusiastic memories.

There were highlighting performances from African Caribbean Dance Theatre, Excellence Dance Studio, Positive Generation, Jobez Mine Ministry and Fabulous Fourth Avenue Steppers.

Makayla Bentley, volunteer for the Lawrence Gregory Teen council, explained what Black History month means to her.

“Growing up, I learned a lot about Rosa Parks and MLK and that was it. Coming here and seeing the important people in the Tallahassee community allowed me to see history through a big historical moment,” Bentley said.

Grady presented The Georgia Polite Volunteer Award to Pamela Andrews, the community center volunteer, for being an advocate at the community center.

The Lawrence Gregory Community Center, which opened in 1959 is of the oldest community centers in the Parks and Recreation system. The center continues to be a thriving community hub, housing a gymnasium and meeting and activity rooms.

Satff Member, Nikki Clifton shared her experience about the events that are portrayed throughout the center.

“An organization or a group of people will only rise or riot from the top down. Today’s program and the daily ongoing operations are an effort to remind others that we are a people of risers,” Clifton said. “From a staff standpoint, I provide the grassroots, the hands on of making those types of events happen, and I get great joy out of that."