Hardee’s opens on Apalachee Parkway

Courtesy of Anquinette Taylor

A new Hardee's restaurant opened on 2410 Apalachee Parkway, not too far from the Governor Square mall, early Wednesday morning.

Co-owner of the Hardee’s franchise Ernest Ponder built his first Hardee’s in Tallahassee in 1996 on North Monroe Street. Ponder explained he, and co-owner and brother Dan Ponder, have been on quest for some land and the opportunity arose.

“We’ve always wanted to get in and this opportunity became available. We are happy for the opportunity because the town seems to be excited and the restaurant so far is experiencing a good turnout,” Ernest Ponder said.  

Operations Manager Jim Lutyens said he’s happy to be on such a busy street.

“I’m excited to be on Apalachee Parkway because the community has been supportive and pleased thus far. We have fun specials such as the 4 Dollar Meal Deal and the 5 Dollar Big Bag,” Lutyens said.

The “4 Dollar Meal Deal” consists of a double cheeseburger, spicy chicken sandwich and a 16-ounce drink all for $4. The “5 Dollar Meal Deal” consists of a jumbo chili dog, double cheeseburger, a 16-ounce drink and an order of fries.

“We have good food and our goal is to be friendly to our customers, serve good breakfast and serve burgers that are second to none,” Ernest Ponder said.

So far the customers are excited and overwhelmed about the new opening. The customers also provided good feedback for the return of Hardee's in the area.

Hardee's customer Gabriel Daniels completed Hardee's five-star experience evaluation card. On all counts he rated the visit as an excellent one, from taste to overall service.

“It was a great and friendly service,” Daniels said.

Employees reflected on the working environment. Hardee’s staff member Brenda Little said he’s happy to interact with the customers.

“I came out of retirement and I get to interact with excited guest. They were more so excited that the location was finally closer to them. It was better because now they didn’t have to go out of the way to enjoy the good food Hardee's serve,” Little said.

Hardee’s cashier Sonia Griffin said working at Hardee’s gives her the opportunity to meet new people.

“Working here at Hardee’s, you get to meet different people. Its good energy, it’s always fast and it’s a good pace and plus the customers enjoy it,” Griffin said.

Nonetheless, the food is great but the job opportunities are even better. Hardee’s general manager Sandra Mack said they’re always accepting applications.

“We are always accepting applications, and if you are interested in a having a job with us we will open our doors for all applicants because we will be excited to have you,” Mack said.