CRTPA Discusses Restructure of the Board and Evaluation Committee

Courtesy of Mary Chestang

The Capital Region Transportation Planning Agency held their committee meeting, Monday afternoon, to focus on the selection for a new Executive Director and to figure out if adding a sub-committee to this position will be beneficial.

The three candidates up for the position are Mike Kozlosky, Alauddin Kahn and Greg Slay.

Commissioner Kristin Dozier spoke on why the new Executive Director would be beneficial to the CRTPA, but also how it will be challenging without a subcommittee due to the overload of issues that are discussed during the meetings.

“It was purely because there were so many issues that we all had expressed concern about that I think we’re going to resolve with a new foot person involved,” Dozier said.

“My one concern is do we want all these issues with a new Executive Director to come to a board meeting because that will be challenging for the ED to handle,” Dozier added.

The CRTPA organizational structure and reconfigurations of a sub-committee had already been addressed at the meeting held in January, according to Commissioner Betsy Barfield. The decision was made to have an executive sub-committee, but the discussion continued onto whether or not the executive sub-committee should be an executive arm to the CRTPA.

Commissioner Randy Merritt supported Dozier’s concerns about adding an executive committee.

“An executive committee will be a great idea. You can get business done and if something comes you don’t have to call the whole group together; if they had the authority to act on certain issues of course that would be minimized,” Merritt said.

Questions were raised about the bylaws and if there would be a process to change them or to add amendments to them if they made the decision to add an executive sub-committee to add as a part to the new Executive Director position. Barfield clarified what some commissioners concerns were pertaining to the bylaws and adding an executive committee to them.

“Right now my understanding is we’re going to have staff come to us and present what an executive committee could possibly be with options. We’re just exploring it at this next meeting then if there’s a consensus of the board on how that want looks we could move it forward,” Barfield said.

The next meeting for the CRTPA will be held in March to continue the discussion of an executive subcommittee and the selection for a new Executive Director.