T.O.S.S. offers a day of Spa and Beauty

Courtesy of Amari Thomas

The Tallahassee Oncology Support Services, better known as T.O.S.S., held a day of Spa and Beauty Wednesday from 11 a.m. until 4 p.m., offering free pampering for area cancer patients, survivors and family caretakers.

T.O.S.S. is a group of local businesses involving Body Wisdom, Pretty In Ink by Sonya, A Woman's Place, North Florida Women's Care, Downtown Chiropractic and FIT.

These businesses came together to help oncology patients, men and women, find all the support they need while creating a place where they can get a wide range of support.

Makeup applications and consultations, lymphatic drainage massages, nail polishing and photography were a few offered services.

Callie Griffin of Body Wisdom, explains why T.O.S.S. was created and why they felt the need for a day of spa and beauty was necessary.

“The reason we came together is because we felt that there were areas where once you have cancer and go through cancer treatment then you’re kind of out there on your own,” Griffin said. “We thought that if we could come together and provide people with that aftercare to get them back to being normal, feeling normal and doing normal things, we could have the ability to help people feel better and move along quicker. That’s what it’s all about.”

Body Wisdom offers permanent cosmetics, body waxing, facials and massage therapy.

In attendance with T.O.S.S, Sage Mobile Spa, which specializes in providing luxurious nail services to customers on-the-go, offered their services.

Patricia Vernet, a FAMU alumna and owner of Sage Mobile Spa, explained why she teamed up with T.O.S.S.

“What made me want to be a part (of T.O.S.S.) is because of the services we offer, I feel like, are perfect for anyone who is going through the changes of cancer and may not necessarily want to be in the environment where they’re around people,” Vernet said. “We thought this was perfect because as they’re going through that transition they try and learn how to get themselves back to normal. We figured this would be a great way to kind of help them beautify themselves and not have to worry about going out and not know how receptive or sensitive people are to what they’re going through.”

A surviving lymphedema breast cancer patient, who goes by the name of Lee, explains how the day of spa and beauty made her feel.

“The lymphatic drainage massage was both relaxing and necessary because I’m currently living with lymphedema, which is an incurable condition. It was really a treat to be pampered and get my face done and have my photo taken and feel like I’m stepping back into life again,” Lee said.

For more information about Body Wisdom and Sage Mobile Spa visit www.bodywisdomspa.com and www.sagemobilespa.com.