FAMU/FSU School of Engineering Dean search continues

The search for a new engineering dean goes on.

The FAMU-FSU engineering committee has been working with an interim dean since January 21.

Thirteen members of the FAMU-FSU College of Engineering Dean Search Committee met Wednesday morning to continue their process.

Last meeting, the committee came to an agreement on the ideal characteristics that they would like to see in each potential candidate.

The committee agreed that the new Dean should have strong leadership skills, a commitment to shared governance, good communication skills and be effective in conflict resolution.

This week, the team went over a drafted prospectus written by the FSU-FAMU School of Engineering Research Department.

Dr. Maurice Edington, Dean of  the College of Science and Technology, and chair of the Dean Search Committee and others felt that the document lacked purpose and didn’t meet the necessary requirements of attracting a good dean.

“The Prospectus is a document given to every candidate inquiring more information about the position,” Edington said. “We need to have more information about the diversity and unique structure of the college. Accommodating several issues will present a lot of opportunities to attract a dynamic leader.”

Previously, the committee appointed Dr. David H. Jackson, Associate Provost for Graduate Education, and Dean of the Graduate College at the FAMU campus, to be the chair for the Airport interviews.

“We are going to use an Airport interview as a technique to ensure the proper candidate is chosen,” Jackson said. “The purpose is to have a brief interview session with selected candidates narrowed down on our list, and those who pass will advance to the on-campus interviews.”

Twan Capehart, a Doctoral candidate in Mechanical Engineering, and the president of the Student Representation for the FAMU-FSU School of Engineering, Dean Search Committee, voiced his opinion during the meeting.

“I believe that the Dean should be someone who is very innovated because the world is constantly moving these days,” Capehart insisted.

He added that they need someone who is visible, the committee should be very detailed oriented about the issues presented to the public.

“The criteria should be centered around the needs of this college.

The committee ended with a new direction for the Prospectus and will continue next Wednesday with new tactics for each applicant.