Gas Prices Hit a Record Low for the Holidays

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Low gas prices during the Thanksgiving holiday gave drivers a sense of relief. This year’s Thanksgiving gas prices were the lowest they have been in seven years.

According to the American Automobile Association, the national average on Thanksgiving Day was $2.05. Today, fuel is below $2 a gallon at 36 percent of gas stations nationwide. Oversupply of oil is one of the main factors in this steady decrease.

According to AAA, an estimated 42 million Americans were expected to travel this Thanksgiving holiday, a 0.7 increase from last year.

College students who traveled home for the holiday noticed the price decrease as well and were pleased about the substantial amount of money they saved.

LaDonna Carney, a fourth-year criminal justice student at Florida A&M University is from Washington D.C. She said that driving instead of flying back home was a better option this year.

“These low gas prices make driving 800 miles way cheaper than flying,” Carney said. “I was able to make it home on $54 worth of gas and still have half a tank leftover.”

Ngozi Osuji, a third-year political science student at Florida State University also benefited from the recent gas fluctuation on her drive home to Miami.

“I saved so much money on gas this Thanksgiving, that I was able to buy an iPad. It usually costs an arm and a leg to fill up my Toyota Camry, but $20 has been filling my tank lately.”

Gas has declined for 23 consecutive days nationally and 16 consecutive days in Florida.

Mark Jenkins, spokesperson for the association said in released statement that "Gas prices have been falling at a rate of about a half cent a day, and if that pace continues, the national average will drop below $2 in the next two weeks.”

Looking ahead, drivers can expect prices at the pump on Christmas Day to be well below last year's holiday averages as well.