U.S. Democratic Candidate Pam Keith Reaches Out to FAMU Rattlers

Democratic Candidate for the United States Senate, Pam Keith
Courtesy of Florida Politics

Pam Keith, a United States Senate Democratic Candidate and U.S. Navy veteran spoke with Florida A&M University Rattlers Monday evening at her meet and greet.

Keith will be the first African American in the state of Florida to run for a seat in the Democratic U.S. Senate in 2016.

An estimate of 60 students were in attendance to learn more about the U.S. Senate candidate.

Flyers were handed out before she arrived, labeling her as a real leader with fresh ideas who will offer sensible ideas to restore the economic power of working Americans and fight to preserve freedom, democracy and civil rights.

The meet and greet was lead with a self-introduction and then Keith opened the floor for questions.

Students were involved, asking questions about her positions on immigration, her plans for the African American community, student loan debt, health care and marijuana for medicinal and recreational purposes, just to name a few.

Referring to student loan debt and how her platforms will affect college students, Keith said, “I think there has to be a pass were college education is free. A lot of politicians are talking about that. My suggestion is if you are going to spend the first six years of your career in service to your nation than we will pay for your college education.”

“I don’t mean exclusively in military. We can identify six or seven tracks that are key to national interests like: research and development in energy, research and development in healthcare and science, education, elder care, I.T. and many more tracks,” she said. “If as an undergraduate you decide that you are willing to spend six years of your life in service to your nation, in an area that you are skilled in and that you are willing to go where your country puts you to do that, then we will pay for your college education.”

Keith stole the crowd when she said marijuana for medicinal and recreational purposes should be legalized nationwide backing her stance with comparisons of the effects legal substances like tobacco and alcohol.

Keith won others over with her platforms on education and desire to be a first African American U.S. Senate representative from Florida in history.

Ronald Nelson, a fourth-year political science student from Tampa, Fla. said, “The historical context stood out to me. She is the first African American women running in the state of Florida. Her stance on government issues like government reform, voters registration rights, climate change were great, and her education plans. Hopefully I get to see her in the senate in 2016.”

Many were wowed by the democratic candidate but a few said they are interested in hearing other candidates as well.

Kierra Brooks, a fourth-year Healthcare Administration student from Ocala, Fla. said, “I enjoyed Keith. I think she has some great platform points but I would like to see what other candidates have to offer.”

For more information about the Pam Keith and her campaign, visit www.PamKeith.com.