Tallahassee Prepares for the Constitutional Revision Commission

Tallahassee will be hosting a Constitutional Revision Committee preparation project. The project will be a daylong event that will educate the public on the upcoming revisions that are set to take place by the Constitutional committee.  

18 partners including the LeRoy Collins Institute who are strong advocates for a positive change in the state of Florida will sponsor the Committee preparation event.   

“This event will be the first step for us Floridians to finally take responsibility for some of the issues that this state has experienced lately,” said FAMU Alumna Jessica Wilson.

The project will take place in Florida State University’s Turnbull Conference Center at 506 West Pensacola Street on Oct. 28.  

All students and local Tallahassee citizens who are interested in learning about the possible changes to constitution are welcome to attend the event.  

I think it is a very important opportunity for students to come out and make a difference for a cause that only comes around once every 20 years,” said Florida State University’s Director of Political Science, “We hope for a pretty big turnout so that future of this state has a voice.”

Florida’s Constitution meets every 20 years in an effort to review Florida’s Constitution and propose changes that can affect Floridians moving forward. Voters will become aware of the possible revisions and will have a chance to purpose other changes that could be revised by the Committee later  

“There is a chance to Amend the Constitution and as people who live in this state we should have a say in what goes on here,” said fourth-year FAMU biology student Miracle Gallon, “The Constitutional Revision Committee was created to give us that opportunity.”

The last time Florida’s Constitution was reviewed in 1997, Florida’s population has grown since the last revision and many issues such as healthcare, crime, and transportation could face possible revisions. Education may be a major factor that could possibly face revision because of it has become such an issue in the state of Florida since the last meeting 20 years ago.

The Commission travels around the state of Florida for a year researching and reviewing possible Constitution changes. After listening to the issues that Floridians have, decisions for revisions are discussed and possibly presented to legislatures.  

The Revision Commission will looks to the citizens for help as they determine what choices could possibly impact the Sunshine State for years to come.