Tallahassee Gets Its First Tesla Supercharge Station


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Photo by: Tallahassee Reports

Tallahassee is now the 13th city in Florida with a Tesla supercharger network station.

If you are ever near Village Square Shopping Center, you will notice six futuristic-looking stations under construction by Tesla Motors, the automotive company that makes all-electric luxury cars.

Before the Tallahassee Tesla station, the closest supercharger network station was located in Lake City. Now Tallahassee residents are given the opportunity to drive near Interstate-10 to receive a recharge.

“Free long distance forever is what the Superchargers are providing,” Elon Musk, product architect for Tesla Motors said after a shareholders meeting.

The supercharger network is free of charge and can recharge half of the Tesla vehicle battery within minutes.

According to the Tesla website, the stations are placed strategically to minimize stops during long travels and are usually located at rest stops and shopping centers with WiFi hotspots.

One full charge can last up to 400 miles.

Tesla Supercharger network will stretch across the continent, covering almost the entire population of the U.S. and Canada in less than a year, according to a Tesla press release.

“I have had an electric car for the past two years. It is already great to have an electric vehicle but even better to have a supercharge station in the community,” Jennifer Simmons, third-year architecture student from Madison, Fla., said.

The Tallahassee station is connected to the City of Tallahassee utility grid, which transforms the electricity to rapidly recharge Tesla vehicles.