Raymond James Financial Firm host Art for a Cause

Courtesy of Nyah Abdala

Community involvement is something the Raymond James financial firm values. In attempting to help bring awareness to the Alzheimer's Project, the firm conducted a first friday art gallery opening featuring local artists such as Pattie Maney and Mershell Sherman.

A portion of the sales from the artwork sold will be donated to the Alzheimer’s Project organization.

Mershell Sherman, a local Tallahassee artist, says he has been making art for a while now.

“I began making art about 2001, and so it’s been about 14 years”, Sherman said. “This show has been a pretty good turn out, I’ve made some sales here tonight and this artwork will stay at this location for about a month.”

Attendees at the show, socialized, networked and indulged in the food and art. Guests got a chance to speak one on one with the artists, while getting a feel for their concepts.

Michael Brennan, another local artist, said art is what keeps him alive.

“What is your art? What’s a world without art? Art is what keeps me alive, it allows me to express myself in the ways I know how and that’s what I support,” Brennan said.

Having artists as genuine as Michael Brennan and Mershell Sherman in attendance, was encouraging for those guests who actually got a chance to speak to them.

One attendee, Paige Brown, felt inspired after her conversation with some of the artists.

“It feels good to actually be here around such great work and genuine people”, Brown said. “Getting a chance to speak with the artists here, left me feeling really inspired for my own art, and for that I am so appreciative.”

For those who didn’t get a chance to visit the night of the opening, the artwork will still be on the walls for parties interested for at least 3 more weeks. Seeing that some of those proceeds will be going towards such a good cause, it’s encouraged that Tallahassee residents visit.

For a chance to purchase are and connect with artists visit the gallery located the Raymond James firm, at 2065 Thomasville Rd.