Inaugural Miracle Hill Walk-Run

Miracle Hill Rehabilitation Center Banner

The Miracle Hill and Nursing Rehabilitation Center held its inaugural Miracle Hill 5k Walk-Run on Saturday at Cascade Park.

Miracle Hill Nursing and Rehabilitation Center has been serving the community for about 47 years. The facility promotes health and provides care for the elderly and recuperative citizens of the Tallahassee community.

Most of the residents at Miracle Hill are medicaid recipients with minimal resources. Residents who need nursing care and medical supplies. The walk was geared toward providing those need with the help of volunteers.

The walk started at 8:30 a.m., participants were given T-shirts to wear during the walk and a ticket to receive a bag once the walk was completed.

Volunteers supported the participants by providing water as well as enthusiasm as they marked the finish line.

Assistant Pastor William Showers, of Spring Hill Missionary Baptist Church, led the community in prayer before the walk began.

“Father, we come to you to have a safe and fun happy time. Miracle Hill promotes health as well as spiritual health, administering back to ones in need and benefits those that don’t have,” Showers said.  

The monetary fundraising goal of the walk was to raise $25,000, which would help to enhance the facility and better provide care for its residents. This would include medical equipment, furnishings for resident facilities that would be needed after a medical assessment and an overall environment enhancement.

Interim Administrator of the facility, Tommy Daymond, said the goal of the event was for the community to come out and be involved with Miracle Hill and to understand what the facility was about.

“We are trying to continue to promote quality and life of quality with our residents,”  Daymond said. “What we wanted to do was raise funds to enhance the environment at Miracle Hill, provide different equipment for some of our low income residents like wheelchairs, walkers and just do an overall enhancement of the facility.”

Brian Topchik, medical supplier to the facility, was among those who came to support the walk.

“I'm with a company that delivers to Miracle Hill and I’m in the facility a couple times a month,” said Topchik. “The staff told me all about the run and I saw flyers, so I wanted to come out in support, get a good workout and just to see everybody from Miracle Hill.”

The Miracle Hill Walk-Run brought out a little over 100 participants who came to support Miracle Hill.

Daymond mentioned that he was “elated” by the turnout of people who came out from the community and hopes that more people will come and see what the facility is all about.