A Hot Topics Luncheon: What’s Hot in Solar

The League of Women Voters (LWV) of Tallahassee will host its September Hot Topics Luncheon Sept. 23 at the Capital City Country Club.

Matt Chentnik, director of engineering for Independent Green Technologies, will give his perspective as the Climate and Sustainability Study and Action Group conducts an interview on what is new and exciting in solar power installations.

“Solar is not just for the tie-dyed, sandal-wearing hippies anymore,” Chetnik said in a press release.

Independent Green Technologies not only works with commercial solar installations, but residential and government solar projects as well.

“Solar energy is one of the options that the state of Florida can obviously tack and one of the interesting things to look at is how important policy is in this,” Green Coalition advisor Kathryn Ziewitz said.

Organizations like the Green Coalition are dedicated to gaining and increasing knowledge about sustainability issues. Specifically climate change issues and how climate change has been largely brought about by humans because of the burning of fossil fuels to create energy.

“…That’s why looking into alternative sources, such as solar that do not burn fossil fuels is such a great idea,” Ziewitz said.

Hot Topic events occur on a monthly basis, usually on the fourth Wednesday of each month except June and July.

LWV of Tallahassee neither oppose nor endorse political parties or individual candidates but it does take positions and advocate on issues, like solar energy as a green energy source contributing to the sustainability of the environment, after considerable study and discussion.  

The League of Women Voters is a nonpartisan political organization dedicated to encouraging informed and active participation by citizens in their government. 

“We do this by encouraging people to vote in elections and to be educated and informed participants in local government decision-making affecting the lives of their communities,” Tallahassee LWV President, Kathy Winn said.

For more information, please contact Rebecca Sager at rsager@music.org or call 850-219-9966.

The first three students to register will eat for free.