Three FSU Students Killed in Car Crash

Three Florida State University students were killed in a Sunday night accident at the intersection of Pensacola Street and White Drive.

The Tallahassee Police Department has confirmed the three victims as 22-year-old Vincenzo Libio, 21-year-old Morgan Carr and 21-year-old Kevin Boos.

TPD has also confirmed the identity of both drivers involved who were transported to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

According to TPD, 20-year-old Nikolas Bonilla was driving his white PT Cruiser when he attempted to turn onto White Drive from Pensacola Street.  

That’s when witnesses said a black Dodge Challenger, driven by 27-year-old Stanley Jaboin, traveling at a high-speed hit the Cruiser on the passenger side.

Ralph Lockhart, a Palm Beach native, was heading to DJ a party nearby and was “fortunate” that night, because it could’ve been him.

“I was pulling out of the Shell gas station. Before I pulled out, something told me to hold on,” Lockhart said. “That’s when I saw a white car pull out and get hit by a speeding black car.”

Lockhart quickly got out of his vehicle to assist the PT Cruiser, but all he could see was blood, smoke and what looked to be four “lifeless” bodies.

“When I got out to help them, I then realized that if they wouldn’t have pulled out then the speeding car would’ve hit me,” he said.

According to the WCTV, Libio wanted to work for the NFL.

“He was always joking around talking sports. He was a positive energy guy. He could cheer anyone up. I'm going to miss him," Matthew Orlinsky, an FSU student who worked with Libio at Brooklyn Water Bagel in College Town, said.

This is not the first accident on Pensacola Street. Last November, 18-year-old Jackie Faircloth was seriously injured in a hit-and-run pedestrian accident.

Ariel Jones, a 22-year-old FAMU student, said she tries her best to avoid taking Pensacola Street because accidents are very common there.

“The amount of traffic causes it to be accident prone,” Jones said  “Especially the going down the hill passing the McDonalds and not knowing if the traffic is at a standstill.  Everyone should be alert.”

Anyone with more information regarding Sunday night’s crash is asked to call TPD at (850) 891-4200.