Bluebird Run and Walk for Brookie B. brings suicide awareness to Tallahassee community

The Bluebird Run and Walk for Brookie B. hosted by the National Alliance on Mental Illness Tallahassee (NAMI) will take place on Monday, Sept. 7 at J.R. Alford Greenway beginning at 7:30 a.m.

This event will grant residents of the Tallahassee community and surrounding areas the chance to run or walk for suicide and mental illness awareness.

The Bluebird Run and Walk for Brookie B. allows competitive and recreational runners and walkers to come together to take on a timed 5k course as well as a non-timed one-mile fun course. The fun course includes a picturesque view as runners and walkers travel over the Lafayette Heritage Canopy Bridge.

The top three runners in every age group of five years will be awarded with a prize at the end of the race.

NAMI-Tallahassee aims to bring suicide awareness, prevention, and postvention with this run in the name of Brook Bowers. Bowers committed suicide at the age of 31 in 2012. Before she passed, she had been diagnosed with depression in addition to being on the brink of a personality disorder.

In cohesion with NAMI-Tallahassee, Bower’s family decided to create a fund in her name. NAMI-Tallahassee and the Bowers family aspire to educate others on mental illness and suicide prevention.  

Nancy O’ Farrell, vice president of NAMI-Tallahassee, realizes the importance of bringing awareness to these issues.   

“As the primary education resource in our community for mental health issues, we who volunteer with NAMI Tallahassee realize how often young people struggle to deal with these issues,” O’ Farrell said.

Suicide is one of the most serious causes of death that many do not pay as much attention to as they should. According to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, “Over 40,000 Americans die by suicide every year.”

There are many students that disagree with suicide and believe there are other opportunities for people dealing with suicidal thoughts to cope with their issues.

“Suicide is a tragic issue, it troubles me that an individual believes taking their own life is the only outlet,” Rayonna Kinchen, a fourth-year physical therapy student stated.

Runners and walkers for the Bluebird Run and Walk for Brookie B. will be able to enjoy an exciting course while running for a great cause. To donate, view the course, or register to participate for the Bluebird Run and Walk for Brookie B., people may visit for more information.