Starbucks Increases Prices

Despite a price increase last year, Starbucks will began raising their prices again for most drinks two weeks ago.

A brewed coffee will go up by 10 cents in most areas, bringing the price of a large brewed coffee to $2.45 in most stores. Large handcrafted beverages will rise to $4.75 a cup, not including any additions to the drink.  

The Starbucks Corporation stated that their coffee price increase is not just dependent on the actual coffee needed to make drinks, but cost increases also covers expenses, which include rent, labor, marketing and equipment.

Some daily customers are upset over this recent increase in prices.

Alexues Hamilton, a regular customer is not pleased with the change in prices.

“Their prices are already pricey considering I spend about $5 for a tall drink already.  Going up on their prices in my opinion is just ridiculous,” said Hamilton.

Reggie Patterson, retail director at Metz Culinary Management for FAMU agrees that Starbucks’ prices should go up.

“I feel that Starbucks has built a loyal customer base that will continue to support the brand no matter the increase. You build it and they will come,” Patterson said.

Starbucks on the Florida A&M University campus does not see an issue with sales.  

Starbucks manager Rashard Gardner expressed why the increase in prices is not a big issue at FAMU.

“Price increase is inevitable since we use flex bucks, so I do not see it being an issue as far as our sales,” Gardner stated.