Tallahassee Museum Presents “Tree to Tree Night Flight”

The Tallahassee Museum will host its version of “Planet of the Apes” that will have residents swinging from tree to tree on Tuesday, June 16.

The museum is hosting its Tree to Tree Night Flight event. Patrons can go on a zipline adventure over the cypress swamp, while seeing a darker side of Tallahassee at night.

Joe Mason, manager of the Tree to Tree Adventures, explains how the event will be different than the typical Tree to Tree adventures.

“We do this twice a month in the summer until it starts cooling off. It is a totally different experience during the nighttime. We provide headlamps and we use reflector tape to light up the zip line. It is thrilling and an intense experience,” said Mason.

Gloria Tolley, an admissions employee at the Tallahassee Museum explains her expectations for the event.

“I think there will be a good turnout. We have been doing a lot of advertising,” said Tolley. “It’s nothing that Tallahassee has seen ever before. It’s something fun and different.”

Tallahassee resident Kristina Vasquez gave her thoughts on the event.

“A lot of the activities in Tallahassee you hear about are in the clubbing and bar scene,” said Vasquez. “I think that Tallahassee should continue doing events like this. It is something you do not always hear about. I have not gone, but I’d like to try it one day.”

Tickets are available online, but museum members will receive a discount.

The event will be taking place on June 16 from 8:15 p.m. to 11:45 p.m. at the Tallahassee Museum at 3945 Museum Road Tallahassee, Fla. 32310.

For more information visit http://tallahasseemuseum.org/treetotreeadventures/ .