Tension Rises After Gov. Scott Ousts FDLE Chief Gerald Bailey

Gov. Scott denies any involvement with the resignation of Federal Department of Law Enforcement Chief, Gerald Bailey. There has been tensity in the recent months towards Scott because of the actions taken against Bailey.

In December, Bailey says that Scott forced him to quit as chief of the FDLE. Scott has responded in several interviews saying that Bailey resigned. Bailey has been in law enforcement for 35 years. He served as FDLE chief for eight years.

In Scott’s Press Office FAQ, the question asks “Is it true that Gerald Bailey was forced to resign?”  

The FAQ states that Scott notified his cabinet members that he wanted new FDLE leadership. The cabinet staff was also notified that Bailey and Scott had a scheduled meeting regarding Scott’s desire for new FDLE leadership.

“Bailey sent a letter to the Governor saying he was stepping down that same day, December 16th,” said Scott’s Press Office.

The FDLE has no comments regarding their  former chief, Bailey.

Scott’s Press Office says that no staff member was instructed to remove Bailey immediately.

“Gerald Bailey was asked to work out his transition with his successor,” said Scott’s Press Office.

The Press Office is also denying any claims that staff members forced Bailey to resign without Scott’s knowledge.

Cabinet members are currently requesting outside investigation and experts on the First Amendment to explore possible Sunshine Law violations.

“I think an outside investigation would be a great step for them to take,” said Attorney Andrea Flynn Mogensen, who represents the Citizens for Sunshine.

In addition, the Chief Financial Officer, Jeff Atwater, called for a new search for commissioner of the FDLE.

When asked about the recent FDLE scandal, Atwater’s Press Secretary, Ashley Carr, responded with these comments: “The CFO has made several rounds of public comments on this matter.”

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