Law Enforcement Issues Warning: Lock up cars

Florida A and M Universities parking garage has experienced a trend of vehicle break ins in the past few months. 

This type of crime is trending because it is a convenient crime because criminals take advantage of doors that are left open by their owners. This issue has raised  concern amongst law enforcement that Tallahassee Police has issued a warning to the public to lock their car doors when exiting their car.  

According to police reports common items that are being stolen are laptops,wallets, and money. 

FAMU police chief Terrance Calloway gave some acumen on how FAMU police department plans to eliminate crime in the parking garage. He also hopes students will be more vigilant in preventing and reporting crimes. 

"Officers are required to ride through the parking lots every shift every hour on the hour… We are also in the process of improving our camera system." Calloway said. "We also want to make sure that the students are proactive to these crimes by locking their doors, and no leaving belongings anywhere that is visible.The only way to remove crime is to take the opportunity away." 

Jerrick Leonard, a senior political science major from Palm Beach, Florida  was a victim of this crime after parking his car in FAMU's parking garage. Leonard, feels that he was targeted and that the security can be improved. 

"Because I drive a newer model vehicle I do feel like I was targeted," Leonard said. "I feel like the security could be improved if the garage had cameras installed, and stationed security guards in each parking area." 

Cassidy Ferguson a  junior physical therapy major from Deerfield Beach, Florida also was a victim to this crime she  had some personal items stolen from her car while attending class. Ferguson, feels like she could have prevented the crime. 

"They stole a family heirloom that I was storing in my trunk," Ferguson said. "I feel like I one hundred percent could have prevented this crime from happening to me. All I had to do was lock my car before I left." 

If you see a crime report it to the FAMU Police Department anonymous hotline at: 850-599-3256.