Measles outbreak linked to Disneyland, cases reported in Florida

There are a total of 92 cases of Measles in California as of Feb. 2, 2015, 52 of which are linked to the Disneyland theme park.  

According to the Florida department of health,  four cases of this disease were reported among travelers that recently visited the state.

Officials of the Florida Department of Public Health urge residents to get vaccinated to protect themselves against the disease. 

In January, there were 102 people throughout 14 states reported to have measles, most of them stemming from an outbreak linked to Disneyland in California.  

According to health officials, the disease became apparent when past visitors reported coming down with measles after visiting the theme park in mid December.   

Dr. Gil Chavez, a California epidemiologist and deputy director for the Center of Infectious Diseases, said that measles is a serious disease, and he urges everyone to get vaccinated.

“I stress to everyone that measles is not a trivial illness, it is a serious illness with devastating complications,” Chavez said.  “I have cared for patients that had measles and I can attest to its potential severity.

“Measles has several symptoms.  If not treated properly, it can result in hospitalization, pneumonia, encephalitis, and in some cases death may be the final outcome.    

In 2000, measles was declared eliminated in the United States, but it continues to be brought in by international travelers.  

Ray Nelson, a jazz studies senior at Florida A&M University from West Palm Beach, Fla., said the entire situation is surprising since he spent his whole summer in California.  

“I was just in California this past summer,” Nelson said.  “I was chosen to be apart of the Disney College Band and I had to spend the majority of my summer at Disneyland in California. We would literally be there everyday, all day rehearsing and performing for those who visited the park.  I am just really thankful that God allowed me the opportunity to go to California to perform and come back safe and sound with no diseases.”