Alumni Network with Social App

Florida A&M Alumni use GroupMe to network and communicate in a new city. Recent FAMU graduates/ newly Atlanta residents create a group to connect with other alumni. Normally an app used by friends, family, students or coworkers is now becoming a social app connecting 47 former rattlers with jobs, friends, entertainment, clubs and restaurants.

The Atlanta Rattlers GroupMe, which started as just a group of friends who recently moved to Atlanta, is now considered a group of professional FAMU graduates.

Lauren Jasper, a 2011 School of Business and Industry graduate, explained how this group was created for the better.

We go to events together and help each other out as much as we can,” Jasper said. “We eventually expanded to include friends of ours in the city and now it has become more of a general young professionals group.

Graduates from the class of 2011 to 2014, who have recently moved to Atlanta, are welcome to join the group. Marcus Borgeois, a 2012  accounting graduate, explained how the group can be a great asset.

I think the GroupMe is a powerful tool,” Borgeois said. “It’s a lot of experience and a lot of circles involved. So when people reach out especially when you need a job or you dont really know where to start looking, there is plenty of people in the group to help.

This group of graduates took one a word that FAMU instilled in them — networking. Networking is the key to your survival,”said Jasper. It will help you in ways you couldn't imagine, from needing career advice to someone to help you move into your apartment.The hardest part after graduation was having so many new things happen at once.

Borgeois encourage all students not to take their experiences at FAMU for granted. Networking is the key that FAMU instilled into all of us. Take with you the experience that FAMU has given you, Not only the good but also the bad.

GroupMe cab be downloaded to iPhone, Android or Blackberry devices. It can also connect Rattlers and future Rattlers to new and bigger opportunities.

Jasper believes this group has been beneficial in adjusting a new environment.  

This group has given me opportunity to explore a new city,” Jasper said. “Many times it’s difficult to get to know a new city on your own. It is great to have others to go on adventures with. It is also great to make connections with people who work in a variety of industries.