FAMU Homecoming Brings the Laughs at Comedy Show

Rattlers filled Al Lawson Multipurpose Center with laughter for the homecoming comedy show.

Rattler homecoming spirit was in the air as Dj Loosekid ramped up the crowd with the latest hits in music. This year’s annual comedy show was hosted by LiL Man.

The lineup opened up with Lav Luv, a comedian who graced the stage at past comedy shows at Florida A&M. He told the audience the skills that were needed for someone to be in the music industry didn’t require the talent of singing. Luv made a music video on the stage, dancing to the Tyrese song “Signs of Lovemaking” in front of the audience. The room quickly filled with tears, laughs and applause.

Matthew Denny, a senior business administration student from Denver, said the show was a hit and it was great to see all the students that came out for the comedy show.

“I enjoyed the show last night because the atmosphere was electric and I like how some of the comedians involved the students in some of their acts,” Denny said. “If you didn’t enjoy yourself last night then you are lying to yourself.”

The comedian came back from last year to give the students what they wanted. Benji Brown had the crowd falling from their seats with his impressions of women. He advised women to be careful with their alcohol consumption during homecoming week as well.

Comedian Benji Brown said it was an honor for him to come back to FAMU for a second time in a row and told his story about becoming a comedian.

“I always knew I wanted to be a comedian ever since I was in kindergarten when all the other kids had something of value and I didn’t have anything,” Brown said. “For all the up and coming comedians my advice to you is to keep staying on stage because that’s how you perfect your craft.”

Actress and Comedian Coco Brown, known for her role in Tyler’s Perry “For Better or Worse,” brought reality to stage with her hard hitting punch lines. Her punchlines included jokes from women not knowing how to cook and the clothes women are wearing on school campuses.

Christine Adams, a senior biology student from Philadelphia, said my favorite comedian was Coca Brown because she was the only comedian who was real and funny.

“I like Coca Brown because she was the only woman comedian who had a genuine sense of humor at the comedy show,” Adams said. “She talked about real life situations and the crowd really felt her energy.”