Metropolitan Cathedral Celebrates Women’s Day

The Metropolitan Cathedral of Truth in Havana, Fla., enlightened and empowered women during their annual Women’s Day celebration Sunday.

“Every time I get up to speak I have butterflies, but I feel better once I get into it,” said Minister Linda Stringer, who delivered a powerful message on “Embracing God’s Power By Following His Plan.”

Minister Stringer’s message focused on the importance of obeying the plan of God for your life no matter the situation or circumstance.

“Every battle isn’t a fight, some battles you need to sit back pray and listen to the plan God is giving you,” said Stringer.

After overcoming a great circumstance she, Minister Stringer, understands the importance of keeping the faith in following the direction God has given you instead of your own.

“I want every woman to know God has a plan and purpose for their life, they just have to listen to him,” said Stringer.

Stringer had to realize that the battle was not hers to fight and she could no longer blame anyone or anything for her circumstance.

This was the first year the support team helped choose who would speak, “… we actually had three names… ,” said Deacon Deborah Reid, the director of the women’s ministry.

Deacon Reid knew what message she wanted to share with the women, but selecting the right speaker was her next battle. After a little fasting, praying and consultation from the first lady Helena Barrington the theme and speaker were set.

“I think she did an excellent job,” said Reid.

 During the celebration service five women from various departments of the church were recognized for their outstanding work and leadership in the ministry. 

After the congregation guessed which woman possessed the different qualities that were given in clues by the two M.C.’s they were presented with gifts and love from the rest congregation.

“I loved it, Women’s day is always something I look forward to,” said Deacon Rebecca Brown.

There was a moving energy felt from the beginning of the service until the very end as people stood to their feet during parts of the sermon to exchange a “Go Head On” and occasional “Preach It.”

“The emotion felt when women get together to worship is so powerful it’s almost like dynamite,” said Brown

With the success of yet another seamless Women’s day celebration, Deacon Reid is excited to start planning the next year’s celebration.