Haitian Culture Club Brings Healthy Start to Women’s Weekend

The Haitian Culture club begins its Women’s Health and Appreciation Weekend by hosting a dance fitness class Friday, Oct. 24, at Studio D.

All through the weekend the organization has planned events centered on the health and appreciation of women.

Clubs and organizations on campus have put an extreme focus on healthy lifestyles.

To promote healthy living, Florida A&M University has initiated the Get Fit FAMU campaign. The campaign is meant to promote health in students.

Also, organizations have been hosting their own health awareness programs.

The Haitian Culture Club followed the trend, by hosting a dance fitness class to get women excited about the Haitian culture and fitness.

Instead of hosting a Zumba class, the club decided to take a different route. The Haitian Culture Club invited dance Instructor Shirley Laneaut to teach them reggae and hip hop dance moves.

“The difference from my class versus Zumba is that Zumba is more Latin based, whereas in my class I can use any type of music I want,” said Laneaut.

Zumba has popularized the dance fitness movement with more than 15 million people partaking in the classes around the world. Classes are available for all age ranges, from children to senior citizens, who want to shake up their exercise routine.

Wescenda Adams, a sophomore social work student, accompanied 10 other women in the dance fitness class.

“The importance of this event was to build self esteem and awareness of our health,” Adams said.

The women not only worked up a sweat, but learned helpful moves that they can implement in the privacy of their homes.

Ms. Haitian Culture Club, Casandra Constant put emphasis on the ladies continuing to workout and live healthy lives.

“I love working out, and in the Haitian culture we have a lot of people with hypertension and diabetes,” Constant said. “So I try to eat vegetables and live healthy.”

According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the top four leading causes of death for African Americans are heart disease, cancer, stroke and diabetes. African Americans are the top ethnic group with the most deaths from heart disease.

Taking the necessary steps in leading a healthy life can prevent all of the noted diseases. Partaking in physical activities and eating healthy can decrease your chances of being diagnosed.

The Haitian Culture Club thought this event would be important to have because following a healthy exercise and clean eating regimen can ensure less health issues and a longer life span.

For more information on the Haitian Culture Club contact Jason Eugene at (754)-422-3583.