The Figure As Vehicle Art Gallery Comes to Tallahassee

Tallahassee Community College’s Fine and Performing Art Center hosted the first day of Marsha De Broske and Jonn Carollo’s art gallery, The Figure As Vehicle.

Since 2010, The Figure As Vehicle Art Gallery has traveled to four different venues in Florida and one in Georgia. This makes Tallahassee its sixth venue.

Gretchen Scoggin, a viewer at the gallery, said it is a wonderful and exciting show.

“These are tremendous how they make it,” Scoggin said. “I think it’s wonderful how they came up with these ideas to make the art.”

John Carollo is the gallery’s watercolorists that combines painted silk, steel and copper to make three-dimensional figures.

Carollo said even though the mediums of the work are different, he and his partner; Marsha De Broske, the gallery’s sculptor, decided to put them together and create the theme Figure As Vehicle.

“After noticing that we had been making similar artwork, we both sat down and kind of came up with the idea,” Carollo said.

The art gallery features two-dimensional water color painting and three-dimensional figures made from wax, bronze, silk, steel and copper.

The theme Figure As Vehicle shows the audience that the figure is a vehicle for invitations of thought, connection, understanding and emotions such as anger, love, joy and peace.

De Broske said when viewers look at one of the 48 pieces that the gallery displays, they make a personal connection and interpretation of the work.

“Because of the mood and emotion of each piece, it can be seen by the viewer’s own interpretation,” De Broske said.

The gallery is opened from October 9 to December 11, Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.