Science-inspired Kids’ Day at Challenger Learning Center Excites Young Minds in Tallahassee

Every third Saturday of the month, the Challenger Learning Center (CLC) host a kid’s day. This science-filled event is free for all kids 12 and under — with a paying adult. From 10:30 a.m. until noon, the focus is all about the kids and expanding their scientific minds.

The CLC Kids’ Day offers a variety of educational activities that children can enjoy. These activities include an IMAX show, chemistry magic show and an engineering demonstration.

“The FSU chemistry fraternity, Alpha Chi Sigma, puts on the magic chemistry show which demonstrates how chemicals react to each other and they make it relatable to the kids by telling them stories that relate to the demonstration,” Cassie Hamilton, a host at the CLC, said.

The CLC strives to foster long-term interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. They hope to create positive learning experiences and motivate students to pursue higher education and careers in these fields.

Justin Williams, a supervisor at the CLC, believes this experience truly benefits the children.

“I’m a chemical engineer major and they’re showing them stuff that I’m learning now. It’s pretty awesome that they’re getting exposed to this stuff so early on in life,” Williams said.

The CLC Kids’ Day offers a variety of educational entertainment for both adults and kids. Susan Saunders, a grandmother who brought her 3-year-old grandson out to Kids’ Day, enjoy the events at CLC and plans to bring her grandson to more Kids’ Days.

“We’ve been here once before, but I definitely think we’re going to take more advantage of the Kids’ Free Day.  Saunders said. “I think my grandson is real excited about seeing the dinosaurs and going in the gift shop.”

Kids’ Free Day promotes parent-child interaction through learning. There hands-on science activities are a sure way to get the kids engaged with learning. This event allows parents to witness the exciting learning process of their child.   

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