The How too for College Saving

Having wine taste, but living on a beer budget may not be easy. However, it can be done.

Ideally you will not learn the importance of budgeting until you enroll in a two- or four-year university.

There is a plethora of ways students can save money on purchases, such as couponing, thrifting and price matching.

Groceries, for example can be a major expense.

Some students are used to living at home with their parents. They probably did not need to understand budgeting.

That typically changes for most college students once other priorities come into play.  

Tyeisha Steele, a mother of two and student at Tallahassee Community College, notes just the importance of budgeting.

“Being a mother and student, I need to pinch every penny possible,” Steele said.

With Wal-Mart being a stickler for having the lowest prices in town, the company created a savings app that customers can use to gain money back on purchases.

The system will then search every store in town and see if the price is cheaper. The app allows you to upload your receipt number no longer than seven days after the initial purchase. If found cheaper, you will get the difference in the form of reward dollars or an e-gift card.

Tallahassee resident LaChanze Willis has seen minor gains, but is intrigued by the app.

“Since downloading the app, I have saved $5 from a single purchase by using coupons and the new app,” Willis said.

Couponing is more popular. Some used to hate standing in line behind someone who had to gather all their coupons, now are looking to save a buck or two.

Strategizing your coupons with local grocery store sales is the best way to keep a little more in your wallet than in the register.

Clipping coupons on a Sunday afternoon is not so bad anymore when money is being saved.

According to Forbes, if students cook dinner in a Crock-Pot before leaving for class, they can save that $10 or more that they would spend at a restaurant like Chipotle.

Graduate student Bryan Williams said he is always looking for a good deal when shopping.

“Having Wal-Mart accept Publix sales was one of the best ideas ever,” Williams said. “I get great deals at a cheaper price.”

Williams and many others are now looking at ways such as this to help spurn the rising cost of a necessity.