The Man Behind the Music

Florida A&M University is known for being a place for great scholars, but every scholar needs time to relax. Set Fridays are a time when students can unwind and listen to man behind the music- Rasheed “DJ Loose Kid” Okuboyejo.

Students from all over come to FAMU to experience this weekly staple.

But everybody knows that the set would not be such a student hotspot without FAMU’s official disc jockey. Okuboyejo is known throughout Tallahassee for his unique mixing ability and his aptitude to entertain the audience.

“Being FAMU’s official Dj is an honor and a privilege especially being that I’m a FAMU graduate,” Okuboyejo said. “You know I love my school and my alma mater. I’m just proud to be a rattler.”

He continues on with his belief that Set Friday is a necessity for students to break up the monotony of their schedules.  

“The set is a time where students can disappear for the classroom and have a positive type of fun and feel free,” Okuboyejo said. “I’m just glad I could be apart of that feeling.”

Melverton Walton, the night manager of student activities at FAMU agrees with Okuboyejo’s notion.

“Set Friday is an event that happens every week, where students come to interact with each other, shop the different venders and just relax after a long school week,” Walters said.

Loose Kid has been entertaining on the set for about six year.

Jalaya Williams, a freshman biology student at FAMU, certainly believes so.

“The music is one of the main reasons why I love hanging out during set Friday,” Williams said. “I think ‘DJ Loose Kid’ does a pretty good job at playing a variety of music to meet everyone’s needs.”

“Dj Loose Kid” is one of the main reasons why the students continuously return to the set every week. Without his dynamic musical talents Set Fridays would just be another day on FAMU’s campus.