The Royal Masquerade Miss PaddyFote Pageant

Students from around the campus came out to see the crowning of this year’s 2014-2015 Miss Paddyfote.

This year’s pageant was not one to miss. From singing and dancing, these seven girls gave their best show. To promote unity in the Paddyfote community and on campus, this annual pageant strives to produce the best representatives of Florida A&M University.

With live music, food, fun and dancing; contestants and students showed off their best talents. Hanai Johnson, former resident assistant and graduate from FAMU, served as one of the judges for the pageant.

Johnson was confident this would be a hard decision.

“We are most defiantly looking for confidence in all the girls, also someone who would represent Paddyfote in the best way possible,” Johnson said.  

With this pageant, the university is producing and recognizing the campuses best and brightest students.

As these contestants went through the night, different categories showed how diverse these ladies can be. From career attire to elegant attire, the ladies put their best foot forward. Amber Paige, a fourth-year social work major and this year’s Paddyfote pageant coordinator, put the whole contest together.

“I just want the girls to just have fun and give their all,” Paige said.

The pageant gave seven girls — mostly freshman and sophomores — a chance to get involved with their school showing off their FAMU spirit.

Parris Lockley, a first year Business Administration major and contestant No. 4, was crowned this year’s Miss Paddyfote. From talent to elegant attire, Lockley displayed her confidence and pose.   

“I spent hours rehearsing and praying about it also going over my talent over and over again.” Lockley said.  

Her first order of business as the new Miss Paddyfote was to thank all the ladies who participated with her. Also, Lockley wants to bring the Paddyfote community closer together.

As the school year moves along, FAMU strives to recognize their best students. The pageant not only gets students involved more, but it shows the campus is diverse and striving for excellence in everything they do.