FAMU Students Help to Ensure Campus Safety

Through the creation of the Student Patrol Program, Florida A&M University students can help keep the campus safe. The patrol program aims to provide students with a safe campus environment.

Although FAMU Police Chief Terrance Calloway originally came up with the idea of the Student Patrol Program, Lt. Norman Rollins oversees the program, which is an expansion of the S.A.F.E. Team.

Rollins is excited about what the program has to offer.

“The student patrollers serve as an extra set of eyes for the university. They will serve as escorts for students, keep an eye out for any suspicious activities on or around campus, and notify the police department of any issues around campus, such as any problems with lighting, broken hand rails, or anything else like that,” Rollins said.

In order to be considered for the Student Patrol Program, which is also a salaried position, students must:                                                

  • Have a valid driver’s license

  • Be 18 years old

  • Be a full-time FAMU student

  • Have at least a GPA of 2.0

  • Not be a convicted felon

Nkechi Ikediobi is a doctor of pharmacy candidate from Tallahassee and a student patroller. She decided to apply for the program because of her love for law enforcement.

“Aside from my interest in science and healthcare, I have always possessed an interest in law enforcement,” Ikediobi said. “So I was quite interested and surprised when I heard about the student patrol worker. I felt it would provide me an opportunity to become engaged with my school community through service.”

Rollins is impressed with the number of students interested in the program. He said they have received an estimated 140 applications from students wanting to join the program.

“As a matter of fact,” he said, “applications are still coming in.”

Shawn Jeffrey, a third year architecture student from Silver Spring, Md., is considering joining the Student Patrol Program for a number of reasons.

“I was a part of the S.A.F.E. Team, so I thought it was a good idea to join. I’m in the Army too, so I’m used to keeping people safe. Plus, one of my friends got robbed on campus, so I don’t want anything like that to happen to anyone else,” Jeffrey said.

Ikediobi enjoys being a student patroller, and is quick to encourage other FAMU students to apply and participate in the program.

“I would encourage other students to apply and participate in the program because it is a great experience and exceptional opportunity for students to work within a police department and gain valuable knowledge and character skills that can help them in the long run,” Ikediobi said. “Lastly, it instills pride we have in our prestigious university to know that we play a role in keeping our campus safe and upholding the morals and values of our school: Excellence with Caring!”

For more information about the Student Patrol Program, contact Lt. Rollins at 850-599-8523. Visit http://www.famu.edu/index.cfm?PublicSafety&StudentPatrolProgram  to view the complete list of the program’s qualifications, or to fill out an application.