Packed week of events ahead for presidential inauguration

Florida A&M plans to celebrate the inauguration of its newest president with a week of events.

Starting Sept. 28, the university will host cultural, sporting and social events leading to the formal start of Elmira Mangum's term at the helm of FAMU.

Inauguration week begins this Sunday at 4 p.m. with a Healthy Families 5K Walk, Run, Roll and Stroll event from Bragg Stadium to Cascades Park.

The week will include a presidential lecture, a student government inaugural/ founder’s day kick-off, “an evening of artistic performance,” by the Philadelphia Dance Company and a student production, among others. Mangum will officially be sworn into office during the installation ceremony, taking place on Oct. 3.

Linda Barge-Miles, assistant vice president of Academic Affairs, is serving as the co-chair of the installation ceremony, which will also take place on FAMU’s 127th birthday. During the installation ceremony, Mangum will be given the presidential medallion and deliver a presidential address – a chance to launch her platform for FAMU.

Barge-Miles said the university has much to celebrate this founder's day, Oct. 3.

Here we are on founders day, we’re talking about the historic history of this institution and we are making history with the installation of Dr. Mangum as our first female president,” said Barge-Miles.

After the ceremony, delegates from over 50 other institutions, faculty, staff, alumni, retirees, community members and students will march from Gaither Gymnasium to Al Lawson as a processional to assert the significance of the historic transition.

Gabrielle Hitchens, senior business administration student from Indianapolis, Ind., said she is excited about inauguration week and plans to attend as many events as possible, including the installation ceremony.

“It’s truly a new day at FAMU and I’m so glad that I could be here to witness history. I’m excited to see Dr. Mangum’s vision come into fruition in the coming years,” said Hitchens.

L Anne Brown, a FAMU English professor, said she is looking forward to inauguration week bringing the larger FAMU community together.

“The community has always been supportive of FAMU through the good, bad and in between times. It’s significant that part of the festivities will include them during this occasion,” said Brown.

Brown said she hopes student appreciate the historical significance of Mangum's inauguration.

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