Parking app changes how people visit apartments in town

A new app is changing how people visit each other at Tallahassee apartment complexes.

At West 10 and The Pointe on Adams Street, visitor parking will require registration and may even cost a fee. The complexes have begun using a new app, called Park N Pay, that allows visitors to register and pay for a spot after accessing the complex. Visitors are able to use the app or make payments on the company’s website.

Tyreese Omarie, a West 10 leasing agent, said he believes implementing this new system will help make the popular apartments a safer environment.

“The Park N Pay idea keeps unwanted people off the property,” Omarie said. “It helps control traffic and allows us to know who enters the property.”

Akeem Branch, a Florida A&M University student, lives in West 10, said he thought the app would deter his prospective visitors from coming by. He said he has since realized the app is ridding the complex of unwanted noise and commotion.

“At first I was worried about the inconvenience that it will bring to my company, but actually you can tell our complex is quieter than what it used to be,” Branch said.

Omarie insisted that using the app at West 10 is not about money, explaining that the complex uses the app “for tracking.”

While some see the app as an improvement for the complexes, others weren’t as thrilled with the new parking regulations.

“I don’t believe my friends should have to pay a small fee just to visit me for a couple hours. It’s extra. I don’t understand the motive behind the idea,” said Ashley Clarkson, a student at Florida State University lives in West 10.

Unlike West 10, The Point on Adams Street will charge $2 for 12 hours to park in visitors, and $1 for additional hours.

Bradley Moore, another FAMU student, lives in The Pointe. He said the cost of the parking isn’t as bad as visitors risking having their cars being towed and paying more..

“I rather my friends have to pay a $2 fee instead of having to give a tow truck company $88,” he said.