Student spring break destinations

For most college students, March only means one thing — spring break.

With so many vacation options, students find themselves confused about where to vacation. Puerto Rico, South Beach, and Panama City Beach are among the many hot spots for spring break 2014.

According to the website for the travel channel, Puerto Rico, South Beach, and Panama City are amongst the top 12 places to flood with spring breakers.

Donnell Redman, a Florida A&M graduate student from D.C., recommended South Beach for upperclassmen.

“South Beach seems like the safest route to avoid underclassmen or those younger than 20,” Redman said.

Miami is known for its warm weather. But according to Redman, when  one hears South Beach, they think long beaches, vibrant nightlife for the 21 and older crowds all for a huge price.

“I don’t want to say that you need to bring your life savings; however, you must indeed be prepared to shell out a pretty penny because this venture can be expensive,” said Redman.

Over the past years, a crowd favorite for anxious spring breakers has been Panama City Beach.

The Panama City Beach Spring Break Co-op group announced that during the week of March 8 through the 15, students from more than 500 colleges and universities will be in attendance.

Spring breakers coming from every direction will not only invade the beach, but will take over hotels, condominiums and vacation homes in Panama City Beach as well.

“We have 799 units, and expect to see about 5 to 6,000 students a week,” said Eva Dixon, manager of the Shores of Panama . “And that’s in our establishment alone.”

With so many students expected to come to Panama City Beach, some condominiums in Panama have altered the age requirement for booking.

“It’s unusual, but this year we are allowing students to book rooms at the age of 18,” Dixon said.

Cruises are another spring break activity that college students partake in.

Cruise lines such as Carnival offer many deals for students during spring break. With prices ranging from as low as $229 for a four-day trip to as high as $729 for a five-day trip staying in the luxury suite.

Jack Henri, a senior  engineer and mathematical science student from Ft. Lauderdale, has his own motto for spring break.

“When it comes to spring break, I live by the Magic School Bus saying,” Henri said. “‘Take chances, make mistakes and get messy.'”  

To find a listing of spring break destination ideas, go to . If one is interested in booking in Panama, check out the website .