SBI reintroduces new scheduling module

The School of Business and Industry hosted an advisement carnival and reintroduced students to the university’s new academic advisement scheduling module on Thursday.

Rattler BizLink replaced the school’s old scheduling software, Symplicity, as a means of scheduling and communicating with advisers.

Brydell Ward, a junior business administration student from Thomasville, Ga., is looking forward to using the program to schedule his advisements.

“I just heard about it for the first time today,” Ward said. “Before, they only had a paper system where you had to write out your request for advisement. There should be less confusion and paperwork this way. I could schedule to get advised from home or anywhere.”

SBI also used the advisement fair to familiarize students with the advisement module provided in the university’s iRattler web portal, which allows students to monitor their academic progress. The module calculates which credits and classes must be completed in order for each student to graduate.

Rose Henderson, coordinator of student services, said she believes that students are pleased with the paperless system.

“It was something in-house,” Henderson said. “Now, the registrar’s office has actually put it in the iRattler system. The registrar’s office has catered it to each department.”

To use the Rattler BizLink module, students are required to register and complete a personal and academic profile before requesting a counseling appointment.      

Junius English, an academic adviser in SBI, is hopeful that this new system will make it easier for students to get advised earlier and be aware of what courses they are required to take.

“The purpose of it is to fight excess credit hours,” English said. “That’s really what it is.”

Students will soon be able to schedule internship interviews, view career and employment opportunities, and network professionally through the Rattler BizLink web portal.