African-American men, value yourselves

While having a conversation with a few classmates about sexual activity, I expressed to them that I only desired to be with one man. One guy responded, saying that I put my vagina on a pedestal.

The look of confusion was evident on my face because I couldn’t understand why my desire to preserve myself is perceived as arrogant or uppity?

My response to him was, “You should put your penis on a pedestal.” I’m not saying that I worship my vagina or asking for anyone else to. However, people should take pride in every aspect about themselves.

Is that not diligence? Is that not virtue? Have the standards become so doubled in society that it’s OK for a man to just be “overtly” promiscuous?

Men, don’t let society devalue you. Don’t let society tell you that it’s cool to be that way because it’s not. This mentality leads to a couple of trips to the clinic, some pregnancy scares and karma dancing on the head of your future daughters.

I didn’t write this article to sound like some man-bashing feminist but to empower men. Women are taught to cherish their bodies and set standards for themselves. A man should be valued the same.

You are young and vivacious, and nobody is saying be a saint. However, use your youthful days to mold yourself into a man that can make a great leader, not just playing panty tag.

It was mentioned in the documentary “Hidden Colors: The Untold History of People of Aboriginal, Moor, and African Descent” that if you want to know the condition of a race, look at the men. This is about more than sexuality. It’s about building a better respect for oneself as a man and for those who follow him. The first understanding of morals and values came from the African 42 principles of Maat. That’s your ancestry.

Don’t let media pollute your mind with the imagery of the uncivilized and helpless black men. The motion of progression can begin with the strength of a man, not to take away from the strength of a woman or anything that she has done.

It is the collaborative effort of both men and women to build a race, but the man must take his place. Perhaps men can argue back and forth about how women need to close their legs or up their standards, but that dispute can go on forever. So, men, help us, and take the step.

We come from a bloodline of kings and queens. We are the descendants of ancient African royalty. Everything about you could mean greatness. Don’t wait for media or anybody to define you. Define yourself.