Medical marijuana benefits citizens

Marijuana legalization is a popular issue in this generation. Since Colorado and Washington passed legislation legalizing recreational use of it, some wonder if other states, including Florida, should follow suit.

In Tallahassee, an initiative has already begun to get medical marijuana legislation on the ballot. When listening to local radio stations or approaching various stores in town, you may be asked to sign a petition in support of it.

Other states have legalized the production of medical marijuana because there have been numerous studies suggesting its healing purposes. Even cancer patients could benefit from this because it could help them while they are undergoing chemotherapy.

Medical marijuana is now being sold at various places called dispensaries. Patients are required to have papers documenting that they have a major illness. Those with HIV going through chemotherapy and people with severe nausea and lack of appetite also qualify. These patients are given identification cards, which allows them to acquire the doses their illness may call for.

There is only one alternative to medical marijuana, and it is in a pill form. This alternative is for those who are conscious of their health because although “medical” has been added to the name, it is still a smoke, which is never completely good for the body to intake. Also, marijuana still remains to be a schedule one drug, meaning it is still in the same category of drugs such as ecstasy, LSD and heroin.

Though it has been proven to ease pain and lessen symptoms for numerous illnesses, marijuana is commonly looked at for its recreational purposes. The stigma against medical marijuana is absurd, but what is worse is that Tallahassee legislators would not hear testimony from patients who used the drug for medicinal purposes.

The bottom line is that anything can be addictive when abused. Drug mills produce substances that doctors are able to legally prescribe to patients, even though they are often abused and incredibly addictive. People abuse alcohol, narcotics and even food, yet none of these entities have been outlawed.

Observing the legal aspect, many go to prison for just possessing small quantities of it. We do not need the guy who decided he wanted to kick back, relax and blaze next to a rapist, thief or murderer. Purchasing the illegal crop could result in funding black market operations, which could lead to violent encounters because of gang involvement.

The government should legalize it, tax it and get some money flowing into the economy instead of the hands of black market dealers. On top of that, it may be a misplacement of priorities. While people are becoming victims of violent crimes, officers are more concerned with a $10 bag of weed.

However, there could be reason to be wary of the drug. Some do not trust “medical” marijuana. Adding chemicals to a natural substance can make that substance become harmful. Marijuana is a plant that just happens to affect the state of a person when it’s consumed. Other than a loss of memory and a bad case of munchies, marijuana can be considered harmless.

The legalization of medical marijuana in Florida will be a good thing in the long run. It will take some getting used to for everyone, including citizens and law enforcement, but it really will help people with their health problems. The hype that marijuana is dangerous needs to stop.

No one has ever died from a marijuana overdose. It will not be harmful if used in moderation. If someone abuses his or her use of marijuana, problems can occur. Other than that, everything should be fine if used in the proper manner. Therefore, it should be legalized. If medical marijuana will benefit someone, there should be no issue.