A sweet taste of Fall spices

There is a nip in the air as the leaves change colors. Fall is finally here.

Now that the summer is placed back on the shelf along with Popsicles, ice-cold watermelon and fresh-squeezed lemonade, the fall season makes its arrival with sweet treats.

Among the typical fall sweet treats are sweet potato pies, apple crisps, candy corn, caramel apples and cinnamon popcorn.

Kaitlin Ford, a senior theatre student from Jacksonville at Tallahassee Community College theater student, said she thinks about cinnamon, spice, sugar and pecans when she is craving a fall treat.

“No matter where I am or how hectic life is, the instant I smell sweet potatoes and sugared pecans together, I have to smile,” Ford said.
Debbie Cross, owner of local family business Tasty Pastry, said pumpkin is the go-to flavor for the fall.
Cross said now that it is fall, customers are craving favorites such as pumpkin praline pound cake. She said the pumpkin praline pound cake is a pumpkin bread-flavored cake drizzled with praline sauce.

“The pumpkin praline pound cake is one of our fall staples,” Cross said. “The most popular treat during fall seems to be anything pumpkin flavored. We are always happy to make treats our customers enjoy.”

Chain restaurants such as McDonald’s and Starbucks are also getting in the fall spirit by offering seasonal treats. Starbucks, for example, is offering pumpkin spice lattes.

Holly Candler, a local Starbucks barista, thinks the pumpkin spice latte offered at Starbucks during the fall season has grown in popularity.

“Pumpkin spice is definitely as popular as ever this year,” Candler said. “I’d say about half the drinks we make each day have pumpkin in them lately. It’s sweet and spicy and brings all the flavors of fall.”


Brittany Jones, a sophomore nursing student from Miami, suggested trying cinnamon bun-flavored ice cream by Ben and Jerry’s if someone is looking to indulge in something cold without sacrificing fall flavor.

“I really love this ice cream because I feel like I’m taking a bite of fall and staying cool at the same time,” Jones said.