Clinton rallies in Florida’s capital


Friday, former President Bill Clinton traveled to Tallahassee to support President Barack Obama’s pursuit of re-election for four more years. 

More than 4,000 people gathered on the campus of Florida State University, anxiously awaiting the arrival of Clinton. Many waved their banners in the air, chanting and yelling at the anticipation of his arrival. Signs read “My boy Bill,” “Forward,” and “Me and my momma voted Obama.” Among them included students of Florida A & M, FSU, Tallahassee Community College and other local residents.

“I want Bill to say that we are going to make it and that we do not want Romney in the White House,” said Adrian Fogelin, a Tallahassee resident.

Prior to Clinton’s arrival, the FAMU concert choir performed its selection of “Stand.” Mark Butler, director of the choir, indicated that “Stand” reminded the crowd  of the melting pot that Americans live in and that they stand on the shoulders of the ones who came before them. 

Congressional candidate Al Lawson delivered a speech introducing Clinton. 

“He fights for middle class values and is moving our country forward,” Lawson said about Obama. “We are better off in 2012 than we were in 2008, and we will be even better in the next four years if we move the country forward by electing Obama.” 

The crowd was in awe as Clinton made his way to the stage. Many clapped, shouted and whistled at the sight of him.

Clinton addressed the issue of many people being upset with Obama because of the current struggle in the economy and feeling as if he could do more to help.  

 “He has played a bad hand very well,” Clinton said. “Let’s not blame him for the crash. He wasn’t there.”

Clinton said that Obama has produced 5.3 million jobs and that the number will only take off from there. 

Clinton criticized Romney’s plan for Medicaid, indicating that the GOP candidate wants to cut a third of Medicaid and give it back to the states. 

Clinton said that Medicaid helps fund nursing homes and children or adults with disabilities and other severe conditions.

Sheena McKenzie, a fourth-year social work student at FAMU, showed her support of the president’s health care plan.

“We need Obama, education, Obamacare and we need to influence those who don’t vote,” McKenzie said.

Obama’s student loans plan was also discussed at the rally. The subject alone initiated a huge response from the crowd. Clinton indicated that every student with federal student loans have the option of paying it back at a lower interest rate.

” Obama spends 60 billion for an increase in student Pell Grants and will decrease student loans,” Clinton said. ” On the process of student loans, President Obama should be reelected again. ” Clinton also said that every time a student drops out of college it restricts our common future.

As he prepared to end his speech, Clinton indicated the importance of reelecting President Obama. He also indicated how he wants the country to move forward.

“I’m thinking about a prosperous twenty first century and make no mistake about it,” says Clinton. “The older I get, the most that matters is that children have a brighter future and the country is coming together instead of tearing apart. Vote Obama.”