How old is too old when celebrating Halloween?


Gladys Murray



Halloween allows children to rise to the occasion. They dress up in cute costumes and go door-to-door with playmates and parents.

As a minor, I always wondered when my peers would stop trick-or-treating. Elementary school passed, then middle school passed and I was expecting everyone to transition into the Halloween parties instead of still seeking candy from residents in wealthy areas.

However, my classmates, who were old enough to have a driver’s license, still went trick-or-treating – costumes and all.

Halloween Horror Nights has been the talk of the town, as it generally has been every year with me being from Orlando. Seasonal events such as this are what I find to be more age appropriate for people 16 and up.

As a sophomore in college, there are peers of mine whom I have overheard organizing plans to go trick-or-treating this year. After a while, it is time to go to the store and buy your own candy, leaving the free treats to those who are not old enough to have a source of income.

Halloween has historically been a day of increased crime, including increased kidnappings and drug and alcohol related violence. It is more befitting for young adults to accompany our youth and help keep innocent children safe.



Asjah Nero


The best time to celebrate Halloween is in college. As a child, Halloween is the best night of the year. It is the only night your parents let you stay up late, experience candy galore and let your imagination run wild while being your favorite hero or princess. And you can not forget after you sort through all of your treasure you have to trade those Dots for your friend’s fun size Snickers.

The next day when you wake up tired with a stomach ache you realize why your parents only let you stay up late and eat candy once a year, but that doesn’t stop you from counting down the 31 days of October to get right back out there again.

Now all that fun you enjoyed at eight years old is ten times better when once you become 18. Instead of the most candy, you want to have the best costume.  Instead of being your favorite hero or princess you want be the hot firefighter or the sexy housekeeper with the French accent.

Halloween is still your right to be young, wild and free.

What college students are too old for is going around knocking on doors asking for candy, and I hope no one 15 and up is still trick-or-treating. Plus, why trick-or-treat when you can party, or experience the scariest haunted house and so much more? College students should enjoy the endless possibilities of celebrating Halloween because one day they will be limited to trick-or-treating with their children and maybe a scary movie if they are lucky.