Roomies point the finger


Who said living with roommates was easy? Relaxing in campus dorms is impossible when an annoying roommate overwhelms you.

Most college students have experienced living with annoying roommates whose lifestyles mirror primitive cave men.

Why should any student enter their room to find food stolen or half eaten, their favorite clothing items missing and every single one of their snap backs tossed on the floor from being worn during Set Fridays. Cosmetic products perform disappearing acts only to be found on their roommate’s lips.

Annoying roommates love to think that valuables are fair game on two special occasions – when their roommate isn’t looking and when their roommate isn’t around. Asking a pesky roommate to change their bad habits is an unrealistic request. Annoying roommates make even the most patient students lose their cool. Here are some common cases of annoying roommates at Florida A&M University:

“Having a roommate is rough!” said Travis Willis, a freshman music education student from Jacksonville. He said there’s nothing worse than falling over his roommate’s shoes and landing head first into a large sneaker with a gross odor. Willis finds his roommate to be a very touchy and hands-on person who prefers to not wash said hands after using the restroom.

“I hate my roommate’s choice of music,” said Eric Bailey, a sophomore music education student from Miami. “I find it hard to study in my dorm over loud conversations that my roommate has with his guests after visiting hours.”

Samyra Wilson, a junior occupational therapy student from Miami, said having an annoying roommate made living in the box meant to accommodate two people unbearable. When her roommate wasn’t swimming in her piles of clothes thrown on the ground, stealing Wilson’s hair appliances was her favorite activity.

 “I would come home late at night from studying in Coleman Library and find my roommate eating the little food I had in my dorm,” Wilson said. There is no greater disappointment than venturing across FAMU’s many hills on a late night from the library to find your roommate with a large grin eating your food.

“I wonder why my annoying roommate cannot understand why I only go grocery shopping for myself and not her,” said Ashanti Billings, a senior business adminstration student from Miami. So how does Billings’ roommate compensate for the neglect? She gives Billings’ food away to the guys she dates.

It’s safe to say that most annoying roommates have three things in common. They listen to loud music at inappropriate times of the day, dislike grocery shopping and prefer an unorthodox way of organizing their clothes.

There’s one important factor missing when it comes to dealing with these types of roommates, which is the annoying roommate’s  side of the story! Before considering potential roommates, think about your habits that may bug others. 

The secret to dealing with roommates is recognizing that people are imperfect.

Sure, some college students have a better understanding of being  considerate, but maybe we all are the annoying roommate. It’s easy to point out other people’s flaws, and even easier to forget we have flaws as well, by saying things like “I would never eat someone else’s burrito and lie about it!”

This statement may be true, but did that annoying roommate find it annoying when you took up all the refrigerator space, leaving them with one measly shelf to store their food?