Florida delegates speak on issues, voting


CHARLOTTE, NC.- Wednesday, the Florida Democratic Party and  Florida’s 300 delegates gathered to discuss ways to gain more Democratic voters in the upcoming November election.  In attendance were a few Tallahassee delegates.

“I’m really excited. This is my third convention, but my first as a delegate,” said Tallahassee delegate, Rick Minor, Chief of Staff to Tallahassee Mayor John Marks.

Minor said there is a “staunch” difference between the Republican convention’s overall “going back” theme and the DNC’s overall theme of “moving forward”.

“What we don’t want to do is go back to the same policies that got us here in the first place. I believe, like most Americans, that we must go forward and not backwards.”

Also in attendance was delegate and Tallahassee Mayor John Marks. He too spoke about the same theme of moving forward.

“When Republicans asked are we better off after the last four years. The answer is absolutely. When Obama was first elected, we were on a dismal path to a financial collapse. Now, everything is progressively getting better, and we have to keep moving forward.”

Tallahassee delegate Commissioner Andrew Gillum stated that Obama is moving in the right direction with 19 months of continued job growth. He added that the Republican tax breaks have not, and will not, work for the country.

“The policy for more tax breaks for the wealthiest one percent of Americans…we’ve been there, we’ve done that, we saw what we got from that. More debt,” Gillum said.

Despite their beliefs, Rick Minor said he wants all Tallahassee voters to pay attention to what each speaker is saying, and to choose the right candidate.

“Talk over the positions with your family, and decided what is best for the country,” he said.

The delegates told The Famuan they will continue to get more Tallahassee residents registered to vote, and continue to urge everyone to show up at the polls in November.