FAMU Counseling Services Get Reaccredited


Florida A&M’s counseling program is enjoying the news that it remains an accredited service.

National accreditation bureau Internal Association of Counseling Services gave the center, operated out of FAMU’s Sunshine Manor, the green light to continue providing psychological and psychiatric services.

“We are an awesome bunch of caring individuals ready to go the extra mile to see our students achieve and grow to their highest level,” said Dougla-Khan Stancil, coordinator for Clinical Programs, about the program. IACS oversees counseling operations around the country.

“[Being] accredited means the center is operating at a pristine professional level,” said Eric Wright, coordinator for the Women’s Center, a service provided for FAMU women to get health and other treatments. “We meet needs at the highest standards.”

Students say they appreciate that counseling is offered, and that they hope to see more services come to FAMU.

“Mental health and counseling should be expanded; we need more monies to meet the needs of students,” said Mariah Williams, a peer educator from Pompano, Fla. “I would love to see the number of peer counselors grow around campus.”

All FAMU students are entitled to 12 free counseling sessions per semester. Any student who may need counseling can get treatment. The staff includes a licensed psychiatrist who can prescribe medication, if needed. Peer counselors provide a

“I’ve heard the counseling center is a stress reliever,” said Sherica Florestial, senior health care management student from Kissimmee, Fla. “I plan on going to talk to them, I’m a new mommy and I need the help.”

Florestial said life has been more challenging since she gave birth. She said she wants to join the counseling services’ “College Moms” program for young mothers.

The center intends to launch has new projects and activities for the school year. Starting this fall, the center said it plans to promote throughout the campus. 

They want to make sure all students are served with equality no matter their race, culture, gender or issue. The center is open Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5p.m. located at 101 Sunshine Manor, between the Black Archives and Tucker Hall. Extended hours are available by appointment. For more information call (850) 599-3145.