Students Campaign for SGA, Royal Court Spots

Florida A&M’s campus is sprinkled with informative fliers, grandiose outfits, and creative T-shirts. Students can definitely expect to meet people this week they probably didn’t know before. With one step on campus, students will be drawn to chants and tables full of treats.

This can only mean one thing: It’s campaign week.

Forty-nine students are competing for positions on Florida A&M’s Student Government Association and Royal Court.

The candidates who are competing for SGA president and vice president are Marissa West and Michael Jefferson; Anthony Siders and Sean Siders; and Justin McCorvey and Ariana Williams.

The Siders’ platform includes managing the SGA website, re-enacting ‘Rattler Days,’ and supplying service alternatives for Christmas and spring break.

West and Jefferson’s plan to recognize students’ concern as a determining factor in-board decision-making, and partner with faculty to guarantee that faculty is meeting the student’s needs.

LaCandria “Candy” Churchill, political science student; Jasmine O.

Yates, health care management student; and Chelsea Easterling,

political science student, are all vying for Miss FAMU.

Yates said her desire to be Miss FAMU evolves from her genuine love

for the university. Her initiatives will be focusing on unifying

people and renewing the school spirit.

“I love FAMU because of its history, its pride, its rattler spirit,

and how the FAMU experience prepares you for anything in life. I want

to use my strong work ethic to make a difference in bringing joy to

the university and reclaiming our rich legacy for the whole world to

see,” said Yates.

Churchill ‘s main points are retention, scholarship, retention, and to

enact a special program with endowment.

Easterling initiatives include Dress for Success Fashion show

initiative to educate the student body on proper attire, Say NO to

rape initiative to focus on sexual abuse and a Spiritual Growth


The men running for Mr. FAMU include, Larry Polynice, Eric J. Murray,

and Forrest Andrew Jenkins.

Christina Jean, a third-year accounting student, said she supports

Polynice because she believes in his retention program.

“Every year, the amount of students who come in as freshmen is always

bigger than the last class. Retention is a big deal at this school,”

Jean said. “It would help with the budget, activities on campus, and

programs that will help with the functionality of our the school

because the students are what makes up the university.”

Lisa Alexander, Alexyss Blue, Kyra Pierce and Tayler Fisher are vying

for Queen of Orange and Green.

Fisher said this is the best role for her because Queen of Orange and

Green can express themselves and not be judged.

“When I first came to FAMU, the first person I met was the Queen of

Orange and Green. I saw how bubbly she was and how energetic she was

and how much she really loved her school,” said Fisher. “So, I related

that to my personality because I am a very bubbly person and I love

telling people about my university.”

The candidates for King of Orange and Green are David Banks, Tawyne

Sheffield, Ryan Jack Singleton, Alphonse Brenet Etienne, Komari

Simmons and Joshua Patterson.

Simmons said he wants to be King of Orange and Green because he wants

to continue his leadership on campus.

“I want to continue nationwide recruiting with the help of FAMU

Connection, New Student Orientation, as well as Presidential

Ambassadors,” said Simmons. “I want to continue uplifting school

spirit by having more color days, more dorm appreciation days and to

mentor more at public schools and on campus.”

Students running for electoral commissioner include Jalisa Brown, a

biology and pre-medicine student; Maya Lewis, a public relations

student; and T.J. Legacy-Cole, a political science student.

Legacy-Cole said what differs him from other candidates is his experience.

“I’ve worked with the Leon county supervisor election office in

conjunction with the voter outreach for over a year and I got the

Patron Award from the Florida Community College Florida Government

Association. I know how it feels to lose an election and I know how it

feels to win an election, so I understand what the other candidates

are going through and I understand how they want a fair and unbiased

election,” said Cole.

For senior class president and vice president the only candidates who

are running are Sasha Matthews and Frank Johnson. Gabrielle Hitchens

and Clifton Abraham III are the only candidates running for junior

class president and vice president. Beraiah Baker and Orton Coleman

are pair running for sophomore class president and vice president.

There are nine candidates who are competing for the eight junior

senate seats are Tyler Burke, Jeremy Dixon, Alexis Gary, Gregory

George, Maurice Jackson, Jonathan Moses, Jonathan Owens, Krystal

Smith, and Johnathan White.

The women running for senior attendant are Alexia Jones, Ariel

Larmond, Avagay Lindsay, Briauna Rogers, Ashley Williams. The

sophomores vying for junior attendant are Alyssa Crawford, Hailey

Gascoigne, and Asia Johnson. Adrienne Robinson and Taylor Bishop are the two ladies competing for sophomore attendants.